A Perfect Illusion

March 14, 2008
By Nikita Rishi, Suffern, NY

I thought she lived in the perfect world
She had all the friends she could ever ask for
You could look at her and see she needed nothing more
An angelic face and a heart of gold,
She had everyone there around to help her,
Young and old
This girl had an affectionate family,
There for support
She could talk to them about anything,
And she knows their comments would never hurt
She is gorgeous, with tantalizing eyes,
And a smile that is contagious
To anyone’s eyes,
This girl is

But one day she reveals to me her jealousy,
And I listen,
Rooted in disbelief
Tears torpidly drag down the flesh on her face,
And I can’t imagine how she thought
I was perfect
I wonder,
Are she and I, suspended in the same place?
Admitting my jealousy of her extraordinary family,
She vents out the latent problems
And indisputably,
I know they will haunt me
This perfect illusion,
That I always imagined,
Has brought me to the conclusion
That perfection
Can never happen

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