Quest For a Cure

March 14, 2008
By Molly Flynn, Fairfield, CT

It turns out there is a parallel
universe, by the way. More
Saturn and Jupiter-like planets
orbiting their own sun some
5,000 light-years away
from here. Here, where nobody can
live or die at peace. Here, where

there’s a pandemic going around –
I hope you’ve noticed it.
Travelling from country to country
five good words to know are:
hello, thank you, you’re welcome,
goodbye, and nice to meet you.
Governments seem only to know
how to say “fire!” and goodbye.

America split into
two parites,
two sides;
America split over
two countries,
two fronts,
too many issues.

Light coming from one sun or another
floods the daguerreotype.
Image developing of an American
Civil War battle not long ago.

Digital pixels together form
the leftovers of an RPG-
obliterated humvee
and the limbs
of patriotism
and a dash
of the ultimate sacrifice.

Maybe on the other Earth, we
are their hope for the future.
Would you count on us?

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