Sitting Here All Alone & in Disguise

March 14, 2008
By victoria magill, Chillicothe, OH

Sitting here all alone & in disguise
No one sees this though my eyes
My head down
Tears flowing though
I’m always without you
Alone in my world
Nightmares in my head
Almost wishing to be dead
No sleep at night
No peace in the day
Because of you I have to pay
No since in crying
You will never feel the pain
To you this is all the same
It was like this before so why not now
All of this is just doubt
I did this myself
You were never the cause
But some how you pay the cost
It’s not true
And never was
Something like you couldn't come from above
Your hands are sin
Your lips are lies
And because of you I sit & cry

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