My Past, Reality, and My Life Time

March 14, 2008
Things you can’t stand come to past, reality is it real.
Things you hide come to past, reality can you grab it.
Things you hate come to past, reality can you see it.
Reality, reality, reality every body I call out to you tell me will the past come.
This is my reality.
Stop don’t touch me
Stop don’t look at me
You hurt me once I won’t let you do it again my love for you won’t let go of you but I will still be here at the end.
All things are never left behind the live in memories and become reality.
Fantasy love last while
Reality love last for half the time
My love for you last for a life time
My love moves like the sea
My love is hard to describe but with you by my side I don’t even stumble.
You are my reality my past and my life time.

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