So Close to Me

March 14, 2008
By Syazana Amirulmokminin, Lansing, MI

so close to me (you're so close to me)
our lips only separated by a thin breath of air
your heart races (i can feel it); you're too nervous
our hands, barely touching
your shoulder, against mine

and yet, i think, is it possible for us
to defy religion, break morality, and flush ethics down the drain?

nothing prevents us from doing just that
God, in all his almighty power, can't stop us
not physically at least, but spiritually (in our hearts)

there is no antidote for love (similarly for lust)
there's only the you and the me
set appropriately to balance the equation
and thus, we're combined into a compound
in the chemistry equation of love

so taint my lips now (what's there to lose?)
what are you waiting for? (hesitating for?)
your (love)sickness won't cure itself

i'm your antidote
i'm your poison
i'm your cure

waiting to kiss me won't undo itself
my lips, like a drug, are waiting to cure you
(and poison you, unknowingly)

so, go ahead

kiss me already

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