Fading Away

March 14, 2008
The angers like a choke hold,
taking all your air
Constantly yelling, screaming, fighting
No time for any tears
Racing between words,
always in a rage
Everyday we go on,
forever feeling caged
Slamming, cursing, ruining,
the arguments fade on
The desperation of our pain,
a hint within the lies
Pain building in our hearts,
dread growing in our soul
The longing of real hope
bringing water to our eyes
Trying not to listen,
we hear her say these words:
"I don't ever want you back,
I can't take it anymore,
I don't want to be a mother,
Lord take me now out of this world"
Some of us just hide away,
a few of us stand strong
Words flying back and forth,
hate hinting in the air
The sorrow that wells up,
just thinking about her
"Mom I need you in my life,
I need you in my world,
Please don't go away,
mommy love me a bit more"
The days go on like years,
time ticks on slowly
Each minute that goes by,
we watch her fade by more
The anger seeps out coldly,
replaced by emptiness
Grasping onto a thread,
I tell her I forgive her
"Mom I know you tried,
I know you fought real hard,
It's okay to let go now cause...
mommy I forgive you"

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