God Encounter

March 14, 2008
Not again please don’t lie,
Don’t tell yourself your fine,
In the shadows of darkness I hide,
In the corners bloody tears I had cried.
Standing still in the rain,
Nobody can see you cry they’re unknown of your pain.
Hurting and cutting with needs,
Not feeling a thing as your writs bleeds.
Yet I have a heart of pure stone,
That’s why I stand in the rain ALL alone.
Not breathing not feeling,
I stand in the rain not healing.
Confused and living without fear,
Hating hurting just wanting to see clear.
Finding my answers in the wrong things,
I didn’t care my soul was being bound up in rings.
The demon would not let go,
I wanted help but he would not let that show.
I tried so hard to win the fights,
But I lost against my own right.

A battle was won in me,
Yet still I suffered with an unknown plea.
The battle I lost but my war would wage,
I will find happiness if first comes rage.
I stood as stone through the storm,
Only thing that changed my clothes ragged and torn.
My shattered heart could take no more,
With every step my soul had tore.

I wanted my soul and myself back,
But I dint know it was God I lack.
I didn’t want to change at ALL,
Not for anyone I loved the fall.
Unknown of what he was going to do,
I went to God Encounter I needed to.

I show myself in the light,
I’m not afraid for God I’ll fight.
I love dancing in the healing rain,
God healed me took away ALL my pain.
I’m not hurting not cutting no more,
I’m free God will love me evermore.
I’m finding my answers in the right things,
God loves me and for him I’ll sing,
The demon let go forever,
Now God and I can be together.
I fought the fight,
I won because God gave me the right.

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