No Other Fairness...

March 14, 2008
By Rodney Keeling, Portland, OR

No other fairness shall bestraught thy mind;
An ear-kissing amazement doth behold.
Thou graced with Summer's love O' how so kind?
Beg the balmy lethe and take thy heart cold.
Wonder of mind shall seep through web and pin,
A lust to fall beneath a fathom's deep.
Scarlet red drips on to this wall of sin
Death howls lust to seal such e'er-consumed sleep.
Thy see'th epic teem and betide thou view
'Tis bread I seek of thou eternal maim
Long live this epitaph of cold and blue
Close thou eyes and never to speak thy name.
In dark I stand straying thee life of East
Flesh and bone, with death in June I shall feast.

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