Far Away...

March 14, 2008
By Helen Villafuerte, Fairfield, CT

It seemed interesting…
One day, in a land apart,
a little girl danced joyfully in a sun-touched valley.
“One step-spin, one step spin…”; holding in one hand the edge of her dress
and in the other illusion.
Far away.
What a pretty dress it was: white, inspiring, almost magic.
She shined in the splendor of the “twilight’s last gleaming”,
the vast ocean, in her eyes reflected I observed
from the distance. So Far Away.

From the horizon emerged her playful friends, five of them.
They were all of different features,
singular vestures dressed their little frames
and when they held hands to jump, skip, and go in circles
a magnificent artistic contrast in the valley I admired.

I could feel the laughter in their giggles,
the innocence in their games.
the charm of being a child.
…and the breeze of a clean, new air in my face I felt.

They all took a much-needed break,
and from under a rock, the girl-- in the white dress--pulled out
a checked-picnic box;
all of them opened it and shared the different rations they brought
Different smells, textures, flavors.

…and they shared far more than just food.

They all spoke different languages,

…all along, a word was never spoken among them.

And yet they understood each other;
they helped each other, they shared together
..an invitation to live and play was enough.

They vanished soon after, as suddenly as they came.

…and I woke,

Leaving the dream in

far away…

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