Welcome to America

March 14, 2008
We see it.
A gleaming beacon of hope
we have imagined it in our dreams.
No, it’s not the Statue of Liberty.

I’m describing that wonderful
shiny silver pie tin.
Crust filled with baked apples and cinnamon delight.
Tingling our taste buds with warmth, thoughts of home, and Americana.

This is America.
Here, We like to have everything and everything for ourselves alone.
This is not socialist Sweden.
We do not work for the welfare of society.
Moms here don’t bake apple pies for the benefit of their next-door neighbors.
This is not communist Cuba.
We do not like to have to share our slice of apple pie with Cool Whip on top
equally with everyone in the room.
This is America.
We are capitalists. We work for ourselves, our families, our future.
So that someday if we work hard enough, we can eat the whole dang pie ourselves.

Some people will sit on the lumpy uncomfortable couch in the living room
trying to mask their shortcomings by showing off their knowledge
with complaints and debates of corporations and how factories
will cause catastrophic global warming.

When they finally make up their minds to mosey into the kitchen,
they’ll end up with only the measly crumbs.
They’ll cry about it too and say, “It’s not fair”.
Well sorry buddy, but life isn’t that easy.
Welcome to America.

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