Smile Please

March 14, 2008
By MaRii Patino, Irving, TX

I'm wearing black on this rainy day,
The one I loved has pasted away,
My tears are stuck they won't come down,
I have no smile so I carry a frown,
I cannot clown which isn't me, It's like I'm a prisoner that can't be free.
But how I choose to accept it that's my path, I can try to survive.
I want to smile but some days I can't. I feel so small like a wounded ant.
But you stuck by me and made me tall;
You held my balance so that I would not fall.
You made me walk when I could have crawled;
You found me peace when I could have brawled.
I guess you were there for me then so why not now, I feel indebt.
You got me a smile now it's time to get yours.

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