March 14, 2008
Sitting behind the once bare desk I am ready.
Reporters’ administrators, parents, and coaches
surrounding me as I take the plunge.

If I am so ready then why does my hand begin
to shake as this blue pen zeroes in on the blank line
“I am about to sign my life away,
did I make the right choice?”

My stomach suddenly feels empty, and butterflies crash in,
my eyes drift right at the gray sweatshirt beside me,
the blue and white print stares me in the face
as comfort arises allowing me to continue.

The ink sinks into the paper as I swoop the U’s and dot the I’s
meanwhile my entourage stands behind me, full of smiles and tears.
Every emotion in the past two years has piled up to this moment,
Set free— Here— Now.

Flash- Flash
“Why Villanova?” questioned the reporters. I paused for a moment,
‘the second I stepped onto the campus I knew, it was where I had to go.”
Suddenly I am struck with relief, knowing what I knew all along
the stone is set, I am ready for a new life.
My stomach now feels full, the stone is set.

I am ready for this.

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