I Stood on a Silent Platform

March 14, 2008
I stood on a silent platform
taken away by the emptiness
of the dark, petrified, serene world

Solitude? I stepped
toward the unknown slowly, then
fast-paced; not knowing
where my feet would take me. Searhing
for a way out. But darkness lingers.
Emptiness... no way out?
no way out!

I paused,

I cried,
tears rolling out of my eyes –
I kneeled,

I screamed,
weary from the pull of gravity –
My hopes,

my dreams,

shattered, like glass – razor-sharp and
as petite as a grain of sand. They dissolved,
like sugar in water – crystal-clear. They died,

like people never to live another day.…

Light –
caught a glimpse of night. Bright
round-moon, shining through the
translucent window…

Dream? Was it all a dream?

I stared,

I watched,
thick clouds enveloped the moon –
I sleep,

I wish,
never to dream that dream

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