Model Thin

March 14, 2008
In the mesmerizing mirror she looks at herself
with a Frown upon her face.

Nothing looks perfect.
With her ribs bulging out
of her frail little chest.
She runs her hands along them
and glances just once
at her petite breast.

Constantly thinking about her weight
she flips through magazines
and steps on the scale.
Only to see a 2 digit number
that to her feels like 3.

Being thin isn’t enough.
Eating nothing but crisp, cool
lettuce and a crunchy cracker
here and there.
Running multiple miles a minute
crying every night

Hiding under baggy clothes
people stare.
I feel so bad for her
They whisper,
look at her cheek bones
and skinny legs.

Gazing in the mirror,
frown upon her face,
she breaks the mirror
and puts an end to her
frail, horrid life.

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