March 14, 2008
It starts at the end.
However long it’s taken to heal
From the last on-going battle
With yourself.

Getting away has never sounded so appetizing.
Silence is all you ask of others.
“It’s high school, relationships are supposed to be this complicated.”
Is well known advice that you’re tired of hearing…

Time doesn’t seem to pass by fast enough
When it hurts this much.
It takes as long as it wants
And disregards everything else.

Friends don’t comprehend
Until they contract the sickly disease.
Warning them changes nothing.
And watching is all you can do.

Love doesn’t move mountains
It doesn’t create miracles.
It doesn’t hold your hand when you’ve had a rough day
Or when you’re ready to give up or give in.

Love isn’t enough to make everything ok.
It isn’t enough to reverse a fight
Of hateful words
And it isn’t enough to bring people back
Or keep them from leaving.

You need more
Much more.
But more isn’t always in stock
Or kept away in some warehouse
In case of an unexpected shortage.

Life is cruel and harsh and cold
So you may learn something from it.
So you can take something away.
So you can wait for your turn at love finding you
And not waste time seeking it.

So next time you might have a fighting chance
At saving yourself the trouble
When your left starting at the end.

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