March 14, 2008
By Brittany Rodgers, Clarkston, MI

Deep down you know your true feelings
you lie to yourself, and the people you love
everybody around you knows the truth…
But you continued to deny

they’re always telling you he’s no good
that you should end the relationship
it just isn’t working out

they continue telling you something that you know is true…
But you continued to deny

you skip out on girl’s nights, parties, and shopping
hanging out with someone who isn’t the one
you keep thinking he’ll change, he’ll change

when you know you can’t change a person…
But still you continued to deny

your best friend comes home to take you to a dance

(the dance that “the boyfriend” refused to be seen at
You wonder why he wouldn’t want to be seen with you?)

it was the best time
staying up late
talking about everything in life…
And then you realize you can’t deny it anymore

you do what you have needed to do for a while
it’s hard
it’s sad
it’s confusing

But when you finally realize what happiness is
you know you have done the right thing
you’ve always been his princess

But you no longer have to deny it

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