Drama Queen

March 14, 2008
You pass by unaware
Ignorant to everyone and their stares
I hate your fake smile that judges in vein
I hate your hip-hop, spastic dance moves
Please just stop talking—there’s that cackling laugh
we all wish to ignore…

I was naïve and unbiased back then–
a pawn of your mind-trickery and childish games.
Now I just stand by,
Watching you act like you are cool
When you’re not—you are a desperate fool
Eavesdropping, spying on your pretend friends
And dancing like a break-dancer on crack

If you could only listen to what others say
We wouldn’t think you are so lame
The problem is you overreact:
Pout, yell and scream with a distasteful glare
Always acting like a spoiled immature child
Apologize for all those freak outs

Stop trying to steal others fame
Stop talking behind everyone’s back
Stop, just stop acting fake!
Sharing and caring are not your best traits
At practice you’re rude, loud and annoying
I’m sorry you can’t dance so
Don’t, please don’t complain
Or look at me in a fiery demonic gaze when
You’re, unfortunately, in the back of the formation

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