March 14, 2008
By Daniel Moore, Clarkston, MI

4:30 he’s hardly awake,
his room is so cold
he’s beginning to shake.

4:45 in the car so tempted to sleep.
Rushing so fast
he cant feel his feet.

5:00 coach is yelling! What to do?
He doesn’t want to know what
he’ll have to go through.

6:30 he can barely get out of the pool.
Oh great now he’s gotta to go to school.

7:30 like a zombie he walks to class and hey,
if it makes you feel better
its only Monday.

3:00 slept through class,
didn’t do any work.
Now he’s got to go to where the coach Lurks.

6:30 practice is finally done,
whatever happened to having fun.

11:00 just finished his homework
time to go to bed,
he’s got 4:30 burned in his head.

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