Miss You

March 14, 2008
By Beverly Land, Berea, KY

Miss You
I miss you now
I missed you then
I'll miss you until the very end
but until we meet again,i know we'll be together again.

The Perfect Guy
The perfect guy would defend your honor if some guy wasn't being nice to you. The perfect guy would blow off hanging out with his friends to hang out with you. The perfect guy would tell you that you look beautiful every day.The pefect guy would call you when he says he'll call you. The perfect guy doen't want to get off the phone with you even though you have done said that you have to go.The pefect guy isn't afraid to cry. He wants to hold your hand all the time. He doesn't want to let you go. He's not afraid to kiss you. He's not afraid to say that he loves you infront of anyone. That is a perfect.

I'm tired of your lies,i'm tired of my crys,I'm tired of all the bull crap you try.My mom thinks your the perfect guy, I think your a jerk. I'm tired of my heart being thrown on the ground and being jumped on. I'm tired of trying to look beautiful for you when i know it's impossible because i'm not beautiful. I'm tired of you flirting with other girls infront of me, you want a hoe go get one. I know i'm not the most gorgeous woman out there so if you want one of those gorgeous woman you best go find one because she's not here. I'm tired of being so depressed over you that i cry myself to sleep every night, i cry so much i make myself sick. I'm a different person now that i met you, you changed me.But now we have to part, because im so sick of being tired. I want to love someone who will love me back,beautiful or not.

My Mom
I know our time has come and gone, but no matter what you'll always be my mom. We had good times and bad times and all that inbetween. You were the greatest mom you could be. You are loving and kind. you are beautiful and sweet.you weren't just my momyou were my best friend too.i know you love me,but you love him too.If this man is what makes you happy then i say go for it.He's the greates loving man a woman could ask for.My dad and my sisters dad was not the one but this one is.I may not love him but i do like him.You are a match made in heaven.You all are perfect for each other,You two are meant to be together.I know I have to let go,but at least i tried to hang on.

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