I Love You and I'm Sorry

March 14, 2008
This is a poem to my mother
Whom I have disappointed so many times
But always dote on her only daughter
Who never express the feeling of love
And never say “I love you”

This is a poem to you, Mom
When I left you to study abroad without any hesitation,
I was so heartless that I didn’t even look back
It broke your heart and hurt you so bad
But I didn’t want to see you trying hard to hold back your tears
I didn’t want to cry on my way

This is a poem to my mother
Whom I have hurt a million times
I always dared to defy you
when you gave me a good scolding
I knew you always wiped your tears secretly
But I didn’t have courage to say “sorry”
So I write this for life, for love, for you, my dear mother
“I love you” and “I’m sorry”

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