I'll Tell You a Story

March 14, 2008
I'll tell you a story,
A story of fame;
A story of wonder,
One I cannot name.

You - Come sit by my fire!
Get cozy and warm!
I'll tell you a story,
Of a wondrous storm.

Of giants and fairies!
Of cities of gold!
Of fishes and wishes!
And things you can't hold!

This one you'll remember!
All day and all nights!
This one in December,
That'll give you a fright.

So take off you jacket,
And take off your coat.
Come sit in a chair,
But please do not gloat.

A story from me is a wondrous chance,
To listen to music,
To be free!
And to dance!

It'll stay with you longer,
Than a memory of tune,
It'll come in your dreams,
Now don't be a loon!

Come on!
Just sit down!
And take note that you'll be,
A happier traveler,
If you listen,
To me.

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Artst123 said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 4:03 pm
Nice poem. By the way, how can you post a poem without having an account?
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