That Girl

March 14, 2008
By Artemio Botello, Brownsville, TX

She's sitting all alone, waiting for someone to call on the phone.

Today was suppose to be their special day, oh why did they feel this way?

She looks out the window only to find despair; he opens the door and no one is there.

Through out the day she'd cry; at night he drempt that with his angel he'd fly.

She fell for all their lies; to him she was the most beautiful in his eyes.

Further and further she got away from him; he knew she was walking on a limb.

She thought no one cared, he would forever love her; he sweared.

She was like the child left behind; she's the one that's always on his mind.

She always dealt with great pain; he was like the pet left in the rain.

That girl will never know he existed; that boy will always live with his heart inflicted.

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