Hidden Sights

March 14, 2008
Suddenly I cry, Why?
I look at my arms, these bruises
Then I know why I cry…
Memories of the one who shall not be identified.
From he who hurt me, when I tried to leave.

I look at these bruises
Memories of hurt, pain, and defeat…
Replaying in my mind
Night and Day
Like a broken record,
Never stopping…

In my bed, I lie here scared.
These noises I hear, I jump and hide
There I can’t sleep peacefully.
Everything seeming like it goes down hill…
Falling out of existence.

Even worse knowing that face
Everywhere in the shadows
Seeing him in every dream
staring at me…
Not letting me out of his sight
As I walk, feeling him following me
In the shadows of the night…

I’m scared to shut my eyes, screaming
At the thought
My body becomes paralyzed, becoming ice cold
Scared of what’s beyond that door…
Fear, Harm, Pain, regret…?

Scared to trust another
Twice before
To be hurt never again
What could happen to
ME next?

Stuck on replay, never stopping
Waiting for me to break
Crushed by the fear of shadows
Something worse to be defeated…
What happens to ME now?

In the End,
Becoming a Stronger
Knowing what to expect
How to handle it, BUT better…

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ForgivenNight427 said...
Aug. 8, 2008 at 6:57 pm
I'm glad you poem got on here its really good.
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