Regret This...

March 13, 2008
things I regret? wow.

well. I regret that one time. When I did that one thing.

And when I hurt that one girl by talking with that one guy.

That time I lied about that thing...

and hurt that one guy's feelings.

And that I yelled at that one person

that one time I should have told her the truth

or when I should've broken that stupid promise for their own good.

when i acted like nothing was wrong

That time I hoped that person would screw up

that time I cheated on the test

That time I hoped they would crack so I got the solo

when I trusted them when I shouldn't have

the time I didn't wish him good luck

That one day I stuck gum in their hair

that time I didn't call him back, even though I loved him.

that time I acted like I was their friend...

I guess I regret a few things

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