March 13, 2008
Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong,
to be hurt this bad.

Sometimes I think to myself,
"Why do I lose everyone I love?"

Sometimes I wonder if anybody really
does love me.

Sometimes I just wish I could
see the light.

Sometimes I wish I could switch places with someone
so for once someone else could see
what Im feeling and what Im going through.

Sometimes I wish I had a mother like
everyone else.

Sometimes I wish I could go back when I was five...
the time that my mother did love me.
The time that my mother would tuck me into
bed and read me a bed time story and kiss me
goodnight and tell me that she loves me.

Sometimes I wonder if its even possible to feel
as bad as I do now.

Sometimes I hope that nobody is going through what
Im going through or feeling half as bad as I do now.

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naomi313 said...
Nov. 2, 2011 at 7:01 pm
totallly know wat yur going thru i have 2 younger sisters and  i feel the same way,very touching,great job and keep it up!
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