March 13, 2008
Many people in the war lost their lives

they sacrificed themselves lives to save others.

One life gone but many more were saved

such as the lives of uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers.

Soldiers get killed in combat

yet somehow, others survived

they fight and defend till the end

and their countries soon revive.

All these brave souls are taken away

they keep look-out sharp as a pin

they lead their country to victory

it's because of them that they win.

They stand up tall and show no fear

they know their destiny is to fight

they must protect what is theirs

and fight for what is right.

We ask them to accept our hope

they die only so others can live

some say that hope isn't much

but it's really all we can give.

Not only that, but we give them our trust

they leave to fight with intentions high

they try their best, they fight for us

and we know that this isn't good-bye.

They weren't forced to fight

it's something that they choose

they go armed and ready

and they don't intend to lose.

They have their dreams and hopes

and mostly our hearts

and with that they could win

but they knew that from the start.

Then the day arrives

it's finally here

we won this memorable battle

we celebrate with food, drinks, and beer.

After all this time,

the soldiers come back

we cheered and we danced

our respect didn't lack

We greet them back dearly

everyone's so kind

hurray! we did it!

there wasn't a doubt in our mind.

We believed in ourselves,

we believed that we would,

and with just enough courage,

we finally could.

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naomi313 said...
Nov. 2, 2011 at 7:17 pm
this really is touching, its simple, straight to the point and true. and yet it flows and has a purpose you got a bright future.
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