Time of Death: 12:54am

March 13, 2008
Goodbye my love, my dear friend;
I leave you now for it is our last day;
our friendship grew as we matured,
so young, too young were you to go.

You were taken with a hand,
more forceful than your own;
with white wrapped knuckles bleeding all the way;
now you lay still for the first time,
never to run and scream to the sun;
taken by the moon and stars.

That malicious pain pulled you down,
that curse made you but a shell to be thrown upon the shore;
I guess I should have known you wouldn’t stay long,
after that day when I saw you like an infant, I’ve known.
Bald head, big smile, but eyes a vacant stare.

It burned my eyes to see you cry,
it burned my soul to see you weak,
it burned me to see you fade away from my clenched fist,
still ready to fight for you.

“Don’t leave!!” I scream to a filled coffin,
“I’m not ready!!”
But you were, you were ready to go,
you selfishly held the burden of death;

You could have let me hold you as you let go,
but you were too strong for that;
I got the call three hours too late to say goodbye,
I’ll hold your hospital band forever.
One word, six letters will haunt my every step:

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naomi313 said...
Nov. 2, 2011 at 7:25 pm
astounding piece, just reading it through touched my heart, the emotion conveyed is just overwhelming, once again, an amazing peice
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