Marching Band

October 16, 2011
One, two, one, two, three, four

One for the money, two for the show

Nod your heads and let's, let's go

On your marks, get set, look out below

Here are the real stars of the show

Off in the distance, hear the drums

Get yourselves ready, 'cause here it comes

All in step, all in line,

Moving forward, marking time

Marching together as a whole

We may look robotic, but we have a soul

When we fall out to the stands

This precise and regiment band

Becomes individuals once more,

Laughing and cheering and shouting the score

We are people just like you,

But we have become something else, too

We've given up all of our free time

Traded it in for standing in line

Perfectly still in the burning sun

And marching and marching until we're done

The practice field is watered in sweat

But there's nothing about it that we regret

For when we do the halftime show,

If we're not perfect, we're pretty darn close

But despite our sacrifice and pain,

Some people still look at us with disdain

They think we're useless, but we say

It never was for them anyway

It's all about us and how we've grown

In the biggest family we've ever known

over 100 sisters and brothers

Who come together like no others

We've screamed and rejoiced, laughed and cried,

But it's all worth it when we shout, "Topper Pride!"

And from the first "uh-huh" to the last "wu-BAM,"

We will always be the Science Hill 'Topper Marching Band.

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