Night Alone

October 16, 2011
By GearsM BRONZE, Culver City, California
GearsM BRONZE, Culver City, California
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Home alone for the very first time,
Believing I'm strong and all is fine.

But, the hall is shrouded in the dark of night.
the scariest place I can be with no light.

Put my back to the wall, and looked around,
and run to my room with the mightiest of bounds.

under the covers I dash so fast,
out of the hallway, in just a flash.

the darkness in my room is all still there,
look around my room with the utmost care.

my closet is open, shut it now!
before the monsters inside can let out a howl.

under my bed, the last place I check.
First I see nothing, then a tiny white fleck.

it starts to move, and I jump on my bed,
when suddenly, pops out a small furry head.

I held my breath, then breathed a sigh of relief,
its my cat, and on him, a little white leaf!

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