The (Digital World) When Your Gone Pt. 2

October 15, 2011
By TripleJ91 BRONZE, Henning, Tennessee
TripleJ91 BRONZE, Henning, Tennessee
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Hello. I'm back. I don't know if you remember my 1st article about this subject, but I have alot lot to say about this one. So Here I go. We all use the internet on just about a daily basis and some of us can't really imagine a world without it. And of course we all have a social networking site or two. And we use them everyday. But what would happen when you die? Well for one thing, you would no longer be in control of your Digital World. And that means it will be open to ANYBODY! So if I was you, I would already have a plan before that would happen. Although you can't control or know when you will die. But anyways I would write my password(s) down on a piece of paper & put them somewhere where you will know where they are. And give them to someone that you know & trust to keep up with it for you. So all I am saying is that I think you should prepare for something like that. So um this is all I have to say. Fell free to leave some comments.

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