The Crow Said

March 13, 2008
By Samantha Steele, Deer Park, WA

Do you recall
The day when a dream
Had finally became life?
Taking a vow of making life worth while
When embraced by soft lips
With more than a story to tell.

So frieghtened, so lost
When the world became more vast
Simply from a fiery kiss.
They say it won't last
Making foolish remarks
Of how only pain shall great us.

Have you listened to the wind?
Having listened to the things I know;
Who believe in living life.
Listening to the Crow
He said not to fear love,
Only to embrace what should be.

If I had not followed
A tantelizing scent
Of Lavender and Jasmin-
Where would I be?
Questions without answers
No longer perceve me.

Listening to the Crow once more
He had instelled upon me this:
"Do not give up
When all hope has left
When love has shut you out;
Take in a soul
Worth being loved.
Let the fire grow
'Else you wish for only sorrow."

If you let it grow-
So shall I.
Can you see us now?
Can you see past?
Do you remember
That very first kiss?

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