March 13, 2008
By Christina Fieni, Voorhees, NJ

Dazed. Desperate. Drowning.
Looking for an escape route,
Only to realize the way out is the way in.
Cherished hopes mixed with conflicting times
A fear of the wall,
The boundary between the two,
Who so inevitably belong to one another?
The one desiring the uncertain,
The other living oblivious.
And there be a third, the one,
The keen sensor of danger,
The investigator of the conundrum.
Locks mesh into each door, one into the oblivious
The third is left, outside, alone,
Peering through an opening,
One of many for sure,
But the only known thus far,
With light from beyond shining through
And warmth glowed on the outside
Hoping for a chance to journey within
Knowing all too well that
Little cracks lie between the doors,
Making it a more difficult task to open
One, without engaging the other.
Should the door be opened?
The choice belongs with the oak
That lies draped with dazzling adornments
For the outsider may desire an entrance,
But the wall, the stolid wall piled between the two
Reap havoc on all foundation of the three.

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