March 13, 2008
By cortney bruce, Dundee, MI

six years, six months, and six weeks
I have been working on climbing the mountain
New discoveries of everything
Have happened along the way
Things unthinkable
Things the human mind created:
People can’t die no matter how hard they try
People’s D.N.A.’s in beakers
Sometimes I think I’m seeing double
Cures for cancer and illnesses
Unwanted babies, unborn
Summer all year long
We now have six continents
Wild animals gone or tamed
And The bright sun even brighter

Trudging up the mountain of discovery
Left no consequences
Anything that went wrong and we’d fix it
With sciences

But on the six year, six month, six week exploration
We finally reached the top
We were on top of the world
But soon realized there was no world left to stand on
On the tippy top of the mountain of discovery
All that was left to do
Was fall down

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