C'est Moi (It Is Me)

March 13, 2008
Our Conversation was unintentional, at first
My first look at you, was like summer morning
Yours was undefined, your tone soft
Time went by, things were changing
We grew more feelings, in the end brought disaster
Our conversation became intended
You mentioned I was such a tease, you didn’t mind
Made funny jokes to each other, about our personal life
I always made you smile, whatever that meant at the time
If I’m your friend, then I’m your friend
This didn’t last long
I said I was falling, you told me I was strong
You didn’t want to see me in the wrong path
Your thought was try to be optimistic
You said you’d be there for me, whenever you can
Was it true, when I was in need of friend?
No contact was made, in my need of support
You conversed with my other-half, and you said that we both were effective
But you never complained
Promises after another, all were broken
Shattered like glass
You supposedly said that, you never met anyone who can seduce you like me
You’ve been through that path before; you said that I was just really good
I was not like the other person in your life
Both having the same charm, but I’m more sarcastic at it
The difference about me, you characterized
I was funny, sarcastic, polite, shy, very self-confident, unique, and honest
You liked it when I was in hater mode
You were willing to make exceptions with me
You needed to stop being so hard on yourself, putting yourself down for unexplainable reasons
You were scared to talk to me
It was a bad idea to talk to me
Cause of your commitment
I used to think about you every minute
It was hard to forget someone like you
You took most of my space within me
You were everything that I wanted in a person
Liking someone for just being themselves, was something that made your day
You never meant to hurt me, but inside I knew you did
I kept on saying sorry for everything that I did
It was okay with you, cause you were saying sorry to
This went on for quite some time, then hit rock bottom
I decided to stop saying words, for they meant nothing to you
It was a big space between us now, and kept on getting bigger
I tired dealing with it, until a time came
When I completely forgot the feelings, and moved on
This was my farewell, but it never happened
You took my heart and deceived me, broke my promises and made me realize it was just a lie
My memories kept you near
No remorse, cause I still remember the smile when you tore me apart
Don’t know if we will be the same again
But for now, I gave my reasons, which I couldn’t give, and I am sorry for everything that I caused you.

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