March 13, 2008
By Kelli Owens, Cumming, GA

I saw her today as I was walking to my next class.
the wind was blowing hard,
like it does in Tibet:
It blew my bangs up,
exposing my high forehead.

I hope she didn’t see.

I saw her outside today as I was treading muddy earth.
I saw her flip her sandy hair back from her handsome face.
It was falling in her eyes from the deep side part she always wears.
Her polo caught me off guard.

My hair looked like sh** today,
because I didn’t wash it last night.

I hope she didn’t notice.

I think she saw me outside today as we were walking across the muddy earth to The next enlightenment.
I was drifting far away from her so she wouldn’t see what a mess I am.
I feel like sh** today,

the wind was blowing like a mother
dirty wet ground
my forehead exposed
she flipped her hair back
she’s beautiful
look to my left
don’t believe what she said about me
don’t know if i trust our middleman
what if it’s not the truth
i’m so sick of losing things i don’t have

I hope I didn’t lose her before it’s even begun.

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