The One

March 13, 2008
By Beverly Land, Berea, KY

I think about you all the time, i miss you of every waking moment of the day. All my dreams are about you. My mother likes you.My whole family likes you,well the ones that have met you do.We may have our arguements and differences but we always end up back together.I believe we're meant to be together forever.You are the only one for me.

I love the way.....
I love the way when we're at lunch you give me chills by rubbing your hand up my leg. I love the way you poke my side and tickle me all the time. i love the way you always want to hold my hand. il love how at every dance you dont leave me to hang out with your friends, we dance to every slow song. I hang out with my friends and you are always right there by myside. i love that if you make me mad you always try your hardest to make up for it. i love if we were all alone that we wouldn't make a mistake that we would reget later. but most of all i love the fact that i love you and you you love me back.

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