Chameleon House

March 13, 2008
By Jamie Overbeek, Kentwood, MI

Through the faceted windowpane
The sun comes glancing in
And stirs up all the dust
Until it is dancing, dancing
In the mild, cool air.
Walk, and wind and water slide over you
Without a sound to break the silence.
Today it is yellow –
It was yesterday green –
Some quiet color that comes and goes
In my chameleon house.
When the windows are open and clear
The breeze flows through like a river,
A pearlescent moth to carry me away.
I refuse to look at the sky here –
Its scudding clouds are not my own.
I stare at the trodden carpet and think
That I have everything
Or examine the wallpaper
With a pattern that goes on forever – a mystery.
I tell myself I’m not stuck
In these airy, small rooms
Not captured because I can’t see the sky
Not trapped because I choose to stay.

This will certify that the above work is completely original:
Jamie Overbeek

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