Upon My Word

March 13, 2008
You hold her hand with utmost pride
Her beauty obvious to all,
Noting your brother in the corner,
Finally the jealous one.
And you say upon your word, "I do".

A year later, newborn in your hand,
You glance at the wife by your side, then back to me,
Infant born three weeks early,
Note with jealousy your sister playing with her son
And you say upon your word "I will have a son".

Four years later, newborn in your hand
Wife near your side, daughter next to her,
Triumphantly glance at brother, who has yet to have a child
Glance at my brother
And say upon your word "he is perfect"

A year later, daughter off to school,
Wife tries to be at your side,
Watching jealously as your brother plays with his son,
Unaware of the love around you, unsatisfied
You swear upon your word, "Who cares?"

Seven years later, you argue yet again
With the wife you pushed from your side
The son and daughter listen at the stairs
Love gone from your voice,
You say upon your word "Get a lawyer".

A year later, son and daughter disgusted with you,
New woman at your side, along with her two sons
You never wanted me
Were jealous of the world,
And I say upon my word "You are a fool".

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