The 911 Call to Him

March 13, 2008
By Dante Cooper, Gaithersburg, MD

O Father, how joyful it was when I dwelt in your house, in the midst of your presence gave me tears of joy, it made me want to sing and give praise to your mighty name, you were on my mind all the day long, I sought you as the lion seeks it’s prey when it’s stomach is void of food. You gave me joy that is unspeakable, wisdom was on my tongue, I disowned the things that I owned that I may be owned by you. Luxuriant living was the dream that I had, but when I fell into your arms all I wanted to do is be with you, how could I have allowed my soul to walk away from you, although you keep the door of your house unlocked and open until the final hour, why have I allowed my soul to walk out, O lord my soul is in distress for the mistake made, I am a runaway child, although your servants tell me you’ll allow me back into your house, every time I try to come back I feel I can’t. Report me missing O Mighty Father, send out your servants to find me and bring me back not for judgement, but for family reunion. I stand perplexed O Father, crying for aid, for the path that I walk in shall lead to a dead end, but the path that you walk in shall lead to everlasting life, that is the path I want to be on, that I may be with you, for it is a dream I once had, and I want to have it again.

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