March 13, 2008
Late at night in a cold sweat sleep
Reaping nightmares where you weep
Try to escape creatures of deep
Too, too slow your soul they keep

Dripping walls of dirt and bricks
Razor candy for dirty tricks
Dolls bound and made of sticks
Melting wax and candle wicks

Creaking floors of wood and rain
Bend and break like bones restrain
Masks outside your window pane
Knives threaten the jugular vein

To death do your dreams scare?
Voodoo spells and strands of hair
Digging holes to lay you there
Are you truth or are you dare?

To the tombstone you are tied
Cotton sheets under which you hide
You know mommy really lied
The closet monsters never died

Spooky things go bump in the night
In your head you know you’re right
Creepy crawlies live for fright
There is trust in a small night light

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