Day One, Two, Three

March 13, 2008
Day One, I'd ask myself why I hadn't made the right decision sooner.
We'd spend days,nights and all together.
Celebrating, sharing laughs.
Feeling satisfied for that one moment.
All my troubles fade away when I'm with you, caressing my insides, allowing me to see the unreal.
And BAM!
Day Two is here.
I'm on my knees begging God please.
Save me.
Where are you?
Why do I need you?
Oh, wait I forgot you had told me not to ask any questions.
I need you.
Day Three, I'm with you again..
Oh, how much I love you.
But damn, it hurts.
I'm going home.
Sirens, Screaming, Sirens, Crying, Sirens, Silence.
I'm in this white room, where you and I are in this awkward circle, looking at all these distored faced individuals, unfocused.
Damn! I could have stopped this obsession.
Is this really where I want to be?
Oh wait I forgot,
I dont need you.

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