How Can I Possibly Describe

March 13, 2008
By Che Caruthers, Fontana, CA

How can I possibly describe?
It's power beats anything and everything.
Despite the inhumanity and cruelness of man,
there are times like these were life is just so beautiful,
where I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the brilliance of man,
and I'm just a spectator to this incredible masterpiece,
and I'm oh so moved, it's so amazing,
I cry.
I cry not for the sadness in my heart
I cry not for the neglect I feel
I cry not for the consuming loneliness
I cry because he knows.
He understands, I didn't think anyone could.
He feels what I feel, the struggle I'm pitted against,
the unfairness of the world, and the spite that life brings,
he sees what I see, not the black and white of ignorance
but the dynamics of the world.
He takes it in as I do, and we see it, face it together,
an unspoken bond that we never address, but we feel it all the time.
and to be honest, it's great. It beats all the riches, women, fame, power in the world,
Where I can put my life in his hands, and his in mine.
and it's easy to say,
he's my best friend.
But "best" can't nearly quantify his impact, his significance, his importance to me.
which is why I'm at a loss of words, always, always searching,
as this is something I have yet to find,
and so, I'm left asking,
How can I possibly describe?

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