He Talks About Her

March 12, 2008
He talks about her like I’m not their,
he just doesn’t care.

He holds her hand like he used to hold mine,
yet he goes through life thinking everything’s fine.

We were great friends from the start,
but now he’s accidentally shattered my heart.

He’s out with her having so much fun,
how can he not realize what he’s done?

She doesn’t know she’s so lucky,
but she is supposed to be me.

After all the things we’ve been through,
after all the things we used to do.

He is supposed to be my best friend,
but these days it seems like he’s on lend.

After all we used to be,
he has accidentally replaced me.

He’s not acting like a best friend,
he’s just hers now, he’s not on lend.

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