March 12, 2008
With eyes like a sunset,
Glowing with radiance and beauty,
You peer into my eyes,
Filling me with everlasting love.
You ease every hardship,
Heal every wound,
And rid me of every nightmare.
You then create beautiful memories of your own.
Memories that could only have been found within my dreams.

Every time we are away,
I am plagued with loneliness.
Counting down every second until our next encounter.
When we are separated,
My hardships return,
My wounds re-open,
And I become haunted with nightmares.
Every minute we are separated,
My symptoms grow worse until I am filled with nothing but sadness.

All I can do is wait.
Wait for you to come and save me from my illness.
But after what seems like centuries of waiting,
I fall into reality and realize that you have found someone new,
And will never come again.
I realize that without you, my only love, I will be alone forever…
Such is the cycle of life.
It is better to have loved and lost, right?
Maybe, It would have been better to have never loved at all…

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