March 12, 2008
How do i tell you how i feel?
to you i don't exist
you just catch my invisible falls.

I creep through doors, sometimes even walls
just to see your face
but all i get
is you smiling at her.

i dont know how to get a cure
you tore my heart in two
as i fall slowly,slowly more for you.

my invisible falls do not exist
my creeping as stopped
because now i am dying inside
without u by myside.

there you are again
walking down the hall...
catching her falls.

why am i invisible?
why cant she be?
i dont know
i soon wont care

because when my he comes
you will wish you took your time to wait
because you guys are over
and shes living far, far away.

i am trying to not laugh
when i see you all alone
because now,
i am not without him by myside.

you now feel what i felt
thats what i wanted.

you look great on the outside
but your hurting on the inside,
without me by your side.

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