Believe in Yourself

March 12, 2008
Life - it's yours to live
And it's cool;
Don't listen to those
Who say you're a fool!

There shall be times
When you'll be challenged;
And there'll be times
When you'd be hated.

People –
Won’t believe in you;
Your friends –
Won’t listen to you!

My friend, a test would it be for you
To measure the courage instilled in you

It is when you demonstrate confidence
And show not repentance

It shall be the time
When you show faith in yourself
It shall be the time
When you believe in yourself!

Worry not my friend
As it won't last long,
Nothing's everlasting;
Whether right or wrong!

But these times will always come
In a journey called life
And it shall be then
That you'll indulge for strife!!!

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