Her Life Through My Eyes

March 12, 2008
By Karrina Therrien, Worcester, MA

She sits and waits
She waits for her day to come
Thne day that she can escape it all
The torment she lives day in and day out
The hurtful words that get screamed her way
Like "Little B**ch" and "Are you stupid?"
She looks string on the outside
But what you don't see is her breaking
Breaking down on the inside
From the years of hate and self-blame
Blaming herself for the things where blame couldn't be placed
With each day that passes her self hate grows more and more
She looks in the miror and sees nothing but imperfection
And she dissects herself until she thinks okay maybe there's something here to love
Only for moments later were she's shot down
And left there with tears in her eyes and wishing for her day to come
Having to be string for herselfand hide that she's breaking down on the inside
She'll put that perfect smile on her face
The one she's practiced so many times
And she'll make people believe that she's okay
So they don't know what she hides on the inside
But she's afraid that people will soon see her for what she really is
Because she can't hide the self hate anymore
Her imperfection shows more and more
And the smile she's practiced so many times is starting to fade
She's beginning to slip more and more with what she shows
She's realizing that her day isn't coming fast enough
This girl doesn't know how much longer she can wait for her day
The day she knows will be filled with love and tenderness
Instead of angry words and I hate you's
The day were she learns how to love herself again
But she has to hold out till that day comes for her
Because she can no longer stand there and dissect what stands in front of her
Because all she sees in the mirror is her reflection staring back

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