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October 20, 2011
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The people walk around,
with drinks in hand,
heading back to the little rooms
to sleep for the night.
They got ready for bed
then slowly one by one the train car
lights go out and go silent.

All the dogs lay on the ground,
waiting for all them to fall asleep.
All the dogs waiting for their time,
their time to have fun on the train ride home.
Finally everyone is asleep.
One-by-one the doors swing open
then quietly creep shut.
They walk slowly down the hallway,
like mice sneaking around at night,
towards the back of the train.

One dog takes his shiny wet nose
and swiftly rubs it against the door
so it makes a tiny squeaking noise.
The security guard opens the door,
Eyeing all of them
to make sure they were ok to come in.
He was a great big, mean looking, Bull dog.
He nodded his head.
Then they walked in looking around,
seeing row after row of poker tables
and smelling the unique odor of freshly lit cigars.

They joined a game of poker near the back of the car.
A steward walked up asking if they needed anything.
They all asked for a drink and a Cuban cigar.
One-by-one they light their pipes,
and their cigars,
waiting for the dealer to deal and start the game.

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