State Finals

October 20, 2011
By doglover51 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
doglover51 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Standing in the tunnel
leading out to the football field.
Thinking to myself
“I cant believe I’m here.”
I worked so hard to be here,
marching at the marching band state finals.
Butterflies floundering in my stomach.
Thinking through every move in my mind
slowly making sure everything is perfect.
I cant mess up.
The whole band is depending on me.
Standing in the long narrow tunnel,
looking out at the field.
I didn’t even start marching,
but yet I was sweating like crazy.
There was more tension around then ever before.
Everyone wanted to do good,
No everyone needed to do good.
We all waited for drum major to give the orders.
“Mark Time Mark!”
I hear the conductor yell.

Started marching onto the infamies Ford Field.
We stopped by the in zone,
waiting for the other band to get done.
I just kept on repeating
“Hearts on Fire, Minds on Ice”
“Hearts on Fire, Minds on Ice”
Then I hear the crescendo of the bands last note,
I now knew it was time to put everything on the line.

Standing out on the field finally ready,
“Hearts on Fire, Minds on Ice”
ready to march the perfect show.
Listening to the audience yell in excitement.
“Hearts on Fire, Minds on Ice”
The Drum Major’s hands rise.
“Mark Time Mark!”
Then the most important step off of my freshmen year happens.
But I was way too nervous and missed the step off.
But I got right back in and
marched the best show ever.

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