When Doves Cry

March 12, 2008
By sha grant, Clombus, OH

When doves cry a child is taken of her innocence,a man convicted of a crime he didnt cause,a mother abbands in her child and grandma's baby committed suicide.

When angles sing the innocent drift above painless to the gates of heaven, when angles sing you can fell the world spin,and the room britens as everything seems real and or you question the reality of your self and your sourroundings

Do doves cry when angles sind congradulating the freed souls, pity, sorrow on the inslaved thing we call life
so sing angles sing
another child is left behind, my sisters raped
so cry doves cry
my brothers gone bleeding on the bathroom floor razer still driping of warm blood
sing angles sing

cry doves cry
since god is good freedom rings
angles sing and doves cry

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